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Upper Level

4th - 6th Grades
The Upper Level students build upon the curriculum of lessons learned in the Primary and Lower Levels. These lessons are now being reviewed at a deeper level, as the scope and sequence of a Montessori curriculum is spiral in nature. In addition, the Montessori curriculum is correlated with Next Generation State Standards and Common Core State Standards, as applicable. 

The focus of the Upper Level student has changed, going from the perspective of the big picture of the universe in the Lower Level, to the smaller world of of cells, atoms and molecules. The Upper Level students enhance their studies by learning to use the microscope, lab instruments and other tools that are needed to complete the curriculum successfully.  They are also exploring their social role in the world around them. This is done by more personal and group research. The whole curriculum is pulled  together by the end of the 3-year cycle. The 9-12 year old student has the time and space for learning and exploring concepts that successfully build on the previous lessons given throughout their Montessori studies.
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